M8 Turbo Kit


Boondocker’s pump gas turbo kits for the M-800 gives an instant increase in horse power delivering 200 hp at elevation. New for 2011 the kit comes pre-assembled for easy install and with its pre-set fueling maps and clutching components your ready to go. Install this kit and you’ll have a reliable machine with up to 200hp that runs on pump fuel, starts on the first pull and doesn’t require constant tuning. The pump gas kit can be upgraded with accessories to increase horsepower well over 200HP on race gas.

  • Garrett Turbo With Oil Tank Assembly
  • BoonDocker Control Box
  • Airbox
  • Deep Snow Exhaust
  • Clutch Kit
  • Pint of Turbo Charger Oil

Optional Upgrades

  • Intercooler
  • Electronic Boost Controller (EBC)
  • Turbo Pipe